The Creation Story

[I’ve told this story dozens of times to a variety of audiences over the years. Here’s a good succinct version from a 2004 interview conducted by Christina Hamlett.]

I started as a hobby, never imagining it would blossom into the full-time endeavor that it has become.

In 1996, I was working in a senior management position at Marriott Hotels, Inc., and I decided to take an Internet class to learn about this new technology and how it might apply to my work. After I took the class, I decided to try and create my own website, and so I built, for fun, something that I called “Martin’s Guide to New York Theatre.”

In those days—not so long ago, but seemingly eons in Internet time—it was easy for a new website to get noticed by people, and my site about New York theatre caught on. Within a year, it had morphed into and become a valuable resource for people interested in finding out about the theatre scene in New York City. Eventually, I decided to leave my job at Marriott and pursue the theatrical part of my life full-time. We created The New York Theatre Experience, Inc., which is a nonprofit corporation whose primary activity is to support and promote theatre.

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