Who is MDD?

I’m Martin Denton.

I made and ran nytheatre.com from 1996 until 2013. I made and run Indie Theater Now (since 2011). My focus these days is on the nytheater indie archive, at nytheatre.com, bringing 20 years of writing about the NYC indie theater scene to the web.


Here’s a more detailed bio, if you’re in the mood…

I am the founder/editor/curator of Indie Theater Now, a digital platform where people explore and help each other discover contemporary American drama. Online since 2011, ITN’s library includes nearly 1300 plays.

I am also the Executive Director of NYTE, a nonprofit corporation (ITN’s parent) founded in 1999 that uses new and traditional media to provide tangible support and advocacy for the theatre community.

I created and edited the review and listings website nytheatre.com, for which I wrote more than 3,000 reviews and edited 7,000 more from 1996-2016; and nytheatrecast, the first regularly scheduled podcast devoted to independent theater, which ran more than 500 episodes from 2005-2014.

I edited 13 anthologies of new plays from indie theater published by NYTE Small Press.

As the initiator and host of two widely attended convocations in 2005 and 2008, I helped define and brand the indie theater movement in New York City. I serve on the boards of the League of Independent Theater (of which I was a co-founder) and The Present Company, producer of the New York International Fringe Festival.

I received an “OTTY” (Our Town Thanks You) Award for cultural contributions to Manhattan in 2008 and with ITN Managing Director Rochelle Denton received the Ellen Stewart Stewardship Award from the New York Innovative Theatre Foundation, also in 2008.

I am featured in Robert Simonson’s book On Broadway Men Still Wear Hats.


In 2002, I announced in public that nytheatre.com would review every show in that year’s New York International Fringe Festival. It was something that no media outlet had ever attempted in the festivals’ then-5-year history. We did this because we knew that all of the work in FringeNYC deserved attention and feedback. As the archive of reviews grew—we continued reviewing every show through the 2014 festival—we came to understand the historical and cultural value of writing about these thousands of shows. We also published representative scripts from FringeNYC and many other festivals in our Plays and Playwrights anthology series; and when we moved to digital publishing in 2011 with the founding of Indie Theater Now, we were thrilled to have a platform to preserve and present a much larger proportion of this work. ITN has published annual collections of scripts from FringeNYC and United Solo, along with new work from other festivals across the US, fulfilling our important missions of documenting new indie theater plays and getting the work out to students, professors, community and regional theaters, and artists all over the world.